Welcome to Designs by L~. This website features my graphic design work. I do both premade and custom work. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

*Logos and general graphics are intended for promotional purposes only and can not be used for items intended for resale. This excludes ebook covers and print covers where the print run is anticipated to be less than 5000,000 copies. Please contact me if interested in purchasing an extended license which allows use for resale items or if you have any questions.*

If you provide me with the stock photos for use in the graphics I create for you, you must be able to provide legal proof that those pictures/graphics are licensed for use in your graphic. The pictures must be purchased from a stock photo site (receipt of purchase must be supplied,) be from a site that allows commercial use of stock photos (proof must be provided,) or have written permission from the artist/photographer.

All images are copyright of Designs by L~, formally Creative Designs by LM Spangler

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